What to pack?

Posted on Thu May 16, 2019.

Traveling to a different country or just to a different province in South Africa can make you wonder what some of the essentials are that you may need.

In Wilderness there weather has been typical Autumn weather, with great sunny days and also some much cooler days. There is a saying in the Garden Route, that if you don't like the weather, just wait minutes.

As it can be so changeable, it's a good idea to pack clothes that can be easily layered, so that you can quickly add a cardigan if the chill sets in or remove an extra layer with the sun peeks out.

We also have lots of activities to do in the area, you might need the following:

- Close-toed walking / hiking shoes & socks.
- Comfortable clothes for hiking or canoeing.
- Swimming costumes.
- Sunhat
- Sunscreen
- Insect repellent (although we have a lovely insect repellent balm and sunscreen available in the shop if you want to keep your luggage weight to a minimum.)
- Warm jacket & cardigan.- A good book - for reading in front of the fire.

- Camera to capture all the beautiful memories you are about to make.

We hope this helped to make your packing experience slightly easier. Let us know if you want us to book any activities for you.

See you soon,
The Anchorage Team