May Newsletter

Posted on Tue June 4, 2019.

With the busy season slowing down, we become more in tune with all the things that make us fall in love with the Wilderness again. There is time to watch a Mallard hen teach her ducklings how to swim and find food and in the distance a smoke column rises into the air from someone that is surely busy enjoying a traditional South African braai.

This is the time of year when Wilderness can truly be experienced at it’s best. Suddenly parking is available everywhere and going to the shop doesn’t mean trying to fall into the shortest que. Dinners at the local restaurants are hassle-free and relaxed and all the summer stock is on sale. The eminent Wilderness beach is wide open for slow afternoon strolls and the dolphins do their rounds from Wilderness to Plettenberg Bay and back.

We loved catching up for 3 sets of return-guests this month. It’s always great to have familiar faces dropping into their home-away-from-home and the owners were also happy to come over for a quick visit.


  • Cozy Afternoon Teas
  • Play a game, read a book OR enjoy a drink in the front of the fireplace.
  • Ask us for a bowl of popcorn if you’re planning a stay-in movie night.

How can we help?

  • Breakfast service:  Don’t feel like getting up and dressing up.  You don’t have to.  Stay in your pj’s, stay in bed, or have breakfast on your own private balcony.  You don’t need to come to the breakfast, we’ll bring the breakfast to you.

  • Restaurant bookings:  Ask us to make your restaurant recommendations and reservations for you.  We might know of a local promotion going on or what dish is best at which restaurant.

  • Light Snack Menu:  Order your favourite toasty, pizza in the oven, a hearty bowl of warm soup and other small, but yummy soul snacks from the in-house snack menu if you don’t feel like going out.  


  • Deal or No-Deal:  No website or travel agency can give it to you as good as we can directly.  Visit our website regularly to see what’s coming up and to get the BEST!!! deal.


  • Activities:  We can send you info on all the best activities before you get here and create a whole schedule of “things-to-do” for you.  All you have to do is ask.


  • Come early:Since the sun goes down sooner, you might want to check in earlier to enjoy a longer day with us.  Ask us if it’s possible to arrange an early check-in.


  • Stay late:  Who doesn’t love to stay under the feathers for a couple minutes longer when the cold comes knocking?  Ask us if it’s possible to extend your check-out time.  We hate goodbye’s, so if we CAN keep you here for a little longer. . . WE WILL!


What coming up in the area?

  • 4 June: Jo Black – ATKV Hartenbos.  Popular South African Musician.
  • 5 – 22 June:  Little Shop of Horrors Performance – George Arts Theatre.
  • 8 June: Boplass Gin Tasting & Tapas at Fancourt.
  • 15 – 17 June: Calitzdorp Port & Wine Festival.
  • 22 June:  Knysna Cycle Tour MTB Races.  80km ; 50km ; 30km & 15km
  • 28 June: Wildfarm Winter  Festival.


That’s all the news from our side.  Until my next letter, stay safe and warm.


Bye for now . . . .