May Newsletter

Posted on Tue June 4, 2019.

With the busy season slowing down, we become more in tune with all the things that make us fall in love with the Wilderness again. There is time to watch a Mallard hen teach her ducklings how to swim and find food and in the distance a smoke column rises into the air from someone that is surely busy enjoying a traditional South African braai.

This is the time of year when Wilderness can truly be experienced at it’s best. Suddenly parking is available everywhere and going to the shop doesn’t mean trying to fall into the shortest que. Dinners at the local restaurants are hassle-free and relaxed and all the summer stock is on sale. The eminent Wilderness beach is wide open for slow afternoon strolls and the dolphins do their rounds from Wilderness to Plettenberg Bay and back.

We loved catching up for 3 sets of return-guests this month. It’s always great to have familiar faces dropping into their home-away-from-home and the owners were also happy to come over for a quick visit.

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What to pack?

Posted on Thu May 16, 2019.

Traveling to a different country or just to a different province in South Africa can make you wonder what some of the essentials are that you may need.

In Wilderness there weather has been typical Autumn weather, with great sunny days and also some much cooler days. There is a saying in the Garden Route, that if you don't like the weather, just wait minutes.

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April Newsletter

Posted on Wed April 24, 2019 in Newsletter No 1.

Here at The Anchorage Wilderness we are soaking up the last rays of sunshine before the autumn leaves start falling. The National Nature Reserve lying just on the other side of the peaceful Touw River is still brilliantly bright and green in the cloudless sunny sky that came to surprise us this morning. As the water slowly swishes against the jetty, I wonder if we can stretch out the summer sunshine for just a couple of more weeks.

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